Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The best chastity dommes

Today chastity Slave Mic was kept waiting

Well , for those of you who have followed me from my other site , you will know Slave Mic was looking forward to being released today .  I have had him serving at my beck and call for the past 9 weeks..... The night I locked his cock . 
I allow him to go to work , after all he does have a well paid job ,and has a lot of responsibilities in his work .  It makes me giggle thinking about his position at work compared to his position under me .   If only those he worked with knew what a pathetic little slut for me he really is.  If those girls he charms every morning actually knew his little loser cock is locked in steel , and I have the key , right here round my neck .  Well I know, he knows and you reading know .He is locked and he is mine .  9 weeks is some devotion, although to be fair he hasn't much choice in the matter :-)   I knew as soon as I tricked him into being locked for me , this would not be something that ended quickly for him . I've wanted this for such a long time , as most of you know i've had this planned for as long as we've known each other , and now i've finally got him where he belongs . Locked for me .I made him believe he would get to cum today .  HAHAHAHAHA , no sorry Mic, I don't think that loser cock needs to be played with today , there's been a change of plan . Today you kiss my feet , paint my toe nails , watch me rub my beautiful tits and pussy , and I'll watch your pathetic locked weenie jumping about in anticipation.   You really are a loser .

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